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The tangerine is a small thin-skinned variety of orange belonging to the mandarin orange species. This fruit was originally indigenous to Southeast Asia, but it has spread westward along trade routes as far as the Mediterranean. The fruit is cultivated in the subtropical regions of both the Old World and the New World, especially in southern Europe and the southern United States.

The tender, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured pulp is abundant in vitamin C. Also, the oil extracted from the fragrant skin of this fruit is a characteristic ingredient in several flavourings and liqueurs.

Tangerines grow in many regions of Colombia, but the Santander region has been for many years the largest producer of this fruit in the country. It’s climate and soil conditions are 100% favorable to grow this fruit. Given these conditions, Santander is home to many of the most experienced and passionate Tangerine farmers in Colombia.

Colombia produces approximately 220,000 tons of various varieties of avocados, what makes it the fourth biggest avocado producer in the world. The country has between 20,000 and 22,000 hectares devoted to avocados, of which 9,000 correspond to Hass, the most popular variety.

The andean region of Santander is very prosperous, especially when it comes to avocados. The altitude and climate conditions of Santander make it optimal for the production of avocados year around.

Our partners

We know that the best food is the one made with love. This also applies to fruits and vegetables, products that require time, patience, delicacy, and dedication in every step of their growing process. 

This is the reason why we look for partners, not vendors, who will grow with us and continue to provide the quality we demand and you expect. Partners who are not only producers, but farmers by passion, vocation, and even heritage, people who feel real love and pride for their land and everything they produce there. Most of our partners are small businesses themselves, just like us, who we have the privilege of representing to you. 

We’re so proud of our partners, and so confident of the work they do, we invite you to come and visit us, our treat, so you can see the passion and pride behind each and every piece of produce we send. 

Take a look at the stories behind these colombian farming heroes:

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